Secure Virtual Office

In present times, while workforce is working from home, one of the main concerns for the corporates is to maintain best security practices to ensure data safety and business continuity.

Secure Remote Gateway

• Provide remote users a secure private channel to connect to the office resources while working from Home.
• Multifactor Authentication solutions for advanced protection

Secure Corporate Devices

• Secure the corporate devices from external threats, like viruses, malwares and ransomware, by using advanced Endpoint security solutions.
• Mobile Device Management solutions for mobile device security.

Secure Emails

We provide best-in-class email security services to protect you against phishing attacks, ransomware attacks and all other kind of external threats.

Identity and Access Management (IAM) Solutions

We provide best-in-class IAM Solutions to control the access of the remote users on the hosted applications and services. IAM provides recognizable capabilities such as single sign-on, login authentication protections including multifactor authentication, and session monitoring.

Certificate Management

Secure the communication between endpoints and application resources by using SSL certificates. We can provide you the solutions, to automate the SSL certificate issuance, life cycle management and expiry alerts.